Nicholas Kirkerud

PhD student

Nicholas Kirkerud .

Universität Konstanz
Fachbereich Biologie

D-78457 Konstanz, Germany

Tel: +49-7531-88-2264
Fax: +49-7531-88-3894

Room: M 1120a

email: nihaki84/_/gmail.com

web: https://neuro.uni-konstanz.de

Curriculum vitae

 1984 Born in Bærum, Norway
2003 Abitur in Bærum
2003-2004 Norwegian army, signal corpse
2005-2006 Film and media production, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway
2006-2009 B.Sc. in Biology, NTNU
2009-2011 Master in Biology (Neurophysiology), NTNU
2011 PhD student, Dept. of Neurobiology, Prof. C. Giovanni Galizia, University of Konstanz
Current research

My scientific interests lie in the domain of exploring neural network mechanisms constitutional for learning and memory in insects.

I'm currently investigating the neurophysiological and behavioral changes in honeybees that suffer from various diseases and poisoning. How is learning and memory impaired in sick bees, and how can sick bees be diagnosed in order to reveal external threats to the bee colony? I'll contribute in the  development of an automatic conditioning system for honeybees. Additionally, I'll use different approaches of optical imaging and recording techniques to investigate neural coding in memory-impaired bees.

Master thesis
“Physiological Characterization of Protocerebral Neurons in the Olfactory Network of the Moth, Heliothis virescens”. NTNU, Dept. of Biology, Group of Neuroscience,  supervisor: Prof. Hanna Mustaparta, co-supervisors: Bjarte Bye Løfaldli, Dr. Pål Kvello
Kirkerud NH, Wehmann HN, Galizia CG, Gustav D (2013)
APIS—a novel approach for conditioning honey bees.
Front Behav Neurosci 7: Articel Nr. 29 / doi: 10.3389/fnbeh.2013.00029